Traditional Rental & Airbnb Property Management

Our Motto

 Taking Care of People and Property

IN ADDITION to providing the knowledge and expertise to those we serve, we believe passionately in real estate, and simply exist to help owners and investors maximize their property value while maintaining quality of life.

(We are 100% convinced that the real estate market would be a better place if both owners and guests/tenants were always taken care of properly.)

Full Circle

It’s All About Providing People With The Best Opportunity to Live & Live Well.
Booking and Payments

Booking & Payments

Effectively manage all traveler/tenants requests, consultations, and bookings.

Accommodating Staff

Accommodating Staff

Our staff is readily available to assist guests – from handling issues to offering local recommendations.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning & Maintenance

Quick assistance with on-site maintenance needs. Professional cleanings post-guest stays.

Household Items

Basic Household Items

Restocking basic household consumables in both kitchens and bathrooms.

What Makes Us Different?

Each of our advisors is dedicated to providing our Traditional Landlords & Airbnb clients with a positive, rewarding experience for better understanding and managing their properties.

About Select Property Services

Our Team

As real estate professionals rooted in traditional property management, we are dedicated to serving our clients and taking care of properties in a way that goes beyond exceptional guest services. Our team is available around the clock for your convenience.

Innovative Software

We utilize industry-leading software that both effectively and efficiently optimizes the way we handle property management.

Competitive Pricing

We are experienced, extremely knowledgeable real estate managers and our prices are structured to represent the level of management we produce for our Traditional and Airbnb clients.

We’re NOT Your Ordinary Property Management Company

Select Property Services is empowering real estate investors to successfully oversee their properties and help them to achieve the dream in being a part of something bigger.

Our founder once had a dream to revolutionize the real estate industry. She always maintained a high passion for the industry; but while working within corporate America, she constantly witnessed both property owners and tenants being underserved. This sparked a fire within her. She left her stable career in an attempt to make a truly meaningful impact on the people that the real estate industry has forgotten and she ultimately initiated a subtle, yet positive change that goes beyond the tangible results seen in most industry reporting. She made real estate about, “Taking Care of People and Property.”

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